Confessions of a Househusband

CONFESSIONS OF A HOUSEHUSBAND is available at,,, and independent bookstores in your neighborhood.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Boulder Book Store on Pearl Street

Confessions of a Househusband will be available at the Boulder Book Store beginning January 29th.  Look for the rack entitled "Best Sellers" or "Top picks"....then keep walking until you find my book.

The Boulder Book Store is located at 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado.

An excerpt the book....the chapter on children and their doctors.

Helpful Hint #40   Buying medicine can be confusing.  You need pain reliever for teething, fever reducer for temperatures, and decongestants for noses and chests.  Most importantly, look for the words "May cause drowsiness" to make sure you at least get a nap out of them.

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